Mosaic Magnetic Play Kitchen

Ages: 3 and upManufacturer: KidKraft


The Mosaic Magnetic Kitchen has many playful ingredients. Every visit to the kitchen is different. Our little chefs were mixing and baking (and mostly chatting) as they created yummy meals from the mundane to the fanciful. The imaginative play, delightful interaction, robust conversations, and enjoyable role playing were daily specials.

The children liked the soft, clicking sound of the burners and were excited to try the ice maker. We added paper for notes and artwork to be displayed on the fridge door – just like the fridge at home. The kitchen is suited for individual or group play; for home or school; and for multiple ages.

The dimensions (40.55” (L) x 12.99” (D) x 39.76” (H) ) fit nicely in a moderate-to-small space. The 14-page Ikea-like instructions guided a relatively easy assembly for this sturdy wood and mdf construction, and the price makes it family budget friendly.

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