Ages: 3 and upManufacturer: MUtable


To adults, MUtable is a beautifully designed and crafted play table. To children, MUtable is an extraordinary platform for playing and exploring vastly different activities in one place. Four double-sided playboards give children the freedom to switch between the tabletops and create a range of play scenarios — enabling them to think creatively about objects, experiences, and situations. When one of our dad testers (a designer himself) asked his three-year old what the MUtable was, the child quickly replied “a table.” But after changing the tabletop to the streetscape and placing some cars on top, the three-year old’s answer to the same question? “A city.” To us, the MUtable delivers lots of play and lots of learning.

The interchangeable tops are: a landscape/streetscape; a whiteboard/blackboard; a puzzle tray/cover and a studded plate compatible with classic LEGO bricks on one side and Duplo bricks on the other. There are leg extenders to adjust the table to four different heights.

Designed in Italy by two moms, the MUtable is made entirely out of wood, the five choices of accent paint are non-toxic and the warranty covers any manufacturing defects for two years.


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