My Fabulous Storyteller

Ages: 3 and upManufacturer: Lunii

When tech meets tradition, magic can happen. My Fabulous Storyteller lets children ages 3+ create and listen to up to 48 stories in the starter set.

Well-conceived and beautifully designed, the appealing device feels great in the hand, is easy to operate and intuitive to explore. The manual clearly and cheerfully details contents and operation. Visit the Lunii website, download the ‘Luniibrary’ (the free content management app) and create an account. A growing portfolio of stories is available to purchase.

Our multi language family testers listened to and created stories in English, French and German, commenting that the stories, ranging from 3 – 7 minutes are well written and inviting. The kids quickly figured out the control buttons and where to plug in headphones, so as not to disturb baby brother’s naptime.

The lure of imaginary stories is enchanting. Our young fable-spinners were able to “write” and rewrite their own stories by selecting a protagonist, a location, a companion and an object. Choices are confirmed by turning the knob and then pressing the ‘ok’ button. When all four choices have been made, the story begins. And imaginations never end.

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