My Little Farm

Ages: 3 - 5Manufacturer: SmartFelt Toys


Made of felt, the reversible 4-panel illustrated playboard can be laid flat, or folded into a standing cube in the shape of a barn. Kids then play by populating the board with the over 30 sticking felt pieces such as, farm animals, tractors, clouds, sun, a multi-racial people figures. Our parent testers made sure to note the attention to detail on felt pieces is outstanding. Designed by speech therapist Yvonne Johansen, the set includes a pamphlet with ideas that parents and educators can build upon, such as encouraging children to tell, write and illustrate their own barnyard tales as well as general information about unlocking language for young children. We laud toys that seamlessly blend learning and play; this sweetly appealing, easy to fold up and put away set does just that.

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