Noodle: Adventures in Creativity

Ages: 8 and upManufacturer: Noodle Series


At its essence, Noodle is a bimonthly book-of-the-month club with an original retelling of real-life trailblazers. The stories of these pioneers, from Leonardo Da Vinci to Astronaut Mae Jemison, may be quick reads, but the inspiration and lessons will be long lasting.


For example, the Noodle emphasis on Albert Einstein is that he was a rebel – challenging old ideas and thinking. As a student, Einstein preferred learning via “thought experiments” not memorization, which didn’t exactly endear him to his teachers. And one time, while he and his colleague Niels Bohr were travelling by train, they were so captivated in conversation that they missed their station. They transferred trains to return and missed their stop again – and again. The Einstein book activity, “Absorbed in Thought,” asks the reader to imagine and answer a similar scenario.

The back-cover quotes including “A person who never made a mistake never learned anything new,” and “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious” exemplify the life lesson take-aways from this issue.

Each illustrated biographical sketch offers a glimpse into the person’s work and life, a related activity designed to spark a child’s creative thinking, and a pocket-sized blank notebook and pencil to jot down thoughts and ideas. Although an annual subscription of six issues for $77 may seem pricey for the seemingly slight contents, do not judge these booklets by that measure. The lessons go far beyond the pages.

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