Off-Road Rovers

Ages: 6 and upManufacturer: Thames & Kosmos

Off-Road Rovers is a new entry into the Engineering Makerspace set of build kits. This set allows for kids to build 10 different battery powered off-road vehicles, machines, and construction tool models such as, a dune racer, a snowplow, a bandsaw, and tester favorite – the paper plane launcher. Along the way, kids learn about the how’s and why’s behind engineering designs. For example, why does an ATV have tires and a dune racer have tracks? Kids then put these principles in action through constructing and then playing with their builds.

Some testers found the illustrations more confusing than helpful, occasionally omitting or misplacing a piece. Adult assistance was required to separate the misaligned pieces, as well as to dismantle one vehicle to build another. That said, the reasonably priced set gives young engineers plenty to think about as they build and drive.

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