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When an athlete becomes one of greatest of all time, like New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, fans hunger to know everything.

This audio book starts early in Tom’s life. Listeners will learn that “Tommy” was born in San Mateo, California, on Aug. 3, 1977, into a family with three older sisters. All siblings were athletes, all earned collegiate scholarships. In one year, the Brady kids had 315 sporting events. And mom or dad tried to attend every one.

Author Matt Christopher knows how to put together an even-handed, balanced story, taken from facts, figures and quotes. During the book’s two hours and 41 minutes, fans will hear anecdote after anecdote, from Tom playing golf as a toddler to his college days a backup quarterback at the University of Michigan to his record-breaking winning seasons leading the Patriots to numerous Super Bowls.

Chris Ciulla’s narration is friendly and informative; it’s easy to imagine it would be something like Tom’s voice, although this isn’t the voice of Tom, it’s the story of Tom.

Chapters range from four to 12 minutes or so, each covering a span of years. For example, 1992-1995 covers high school years, when Tom was a star baseball player before getting into football. Chapter 12 covers 2008-2009, when Tom was injured and missed the entire season. Young listeners will glimpse Tom’s personal life —marrying supermodel Gisele Bundchen, having children—and sharing his family values: Treat others well and be humble.

As the book notes, whether you are a Patriots fan or not, “Tom Brady had worked tirelessly to earn a spot in the NFL. He now works equally hard to get an ending on his terms, too. Don’t expect it to come anytime soon.”


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