Ooze Labs Chemistry Station

Ages: 6 and upManufacturer: Thames & Kosmos

Harnessing the unending appeal of oozey, slimy, fizzy things, the well titled Ooze Labs Chemistry Station connects the science to the fun.

The reasonably-priced 57-piece kit includes test tubes, measuring cups, tubing, syringe, petri dish, funnel, a chemistry station base, all chemicals needed for experiments (slime powder, citric acid, Sodium hydrogen carbonate powder, fizz and dye tablets), 9 double sided experiment cards, one informational periodic table card and a detailed manual –with solid safety information, advice for the supervising adults and 11 experiments.

Not only does each experiment require its own set up, each takes time to complete. In our view, that demonstrates the process of scientific investigation, and reinforces the concept of delayed gratification.

Our testers were tickled by Experiment #3 (Fizzy Fun Reaction) and Experiments #4 (Oozing Bubbles) prompted them to make lava lamps for their bedrooms. Others “oohed and ahhed” at Experiment #5 (Chromatography) and proclaimed Experiment #19 (Fire Extinguisher) “awesome.”

The “what you’ll learn and how” foundation of the Thames and Kosmos science kits means no PhD is required to conduct and complete the activities. Our testers continue to remark that the explanations included with each experiment do a wonderful job of summarizing each activity.

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