Our Generation Awesome Academy

Ages: 3 and upManufacturer: Maison Battat Inc

The Our Generation Awesome Academy is a 76-piece school room playset designed for 18″ dolls. With real life working accessories like a clock, a fire alarm, classroom lights and a recess bell, a chalkboard with chalk and a glow-in-the-dark whiteboard, the curriculum focuses on pretend play.

The attention to detail is everywhere: a teacher’s desk, two student desks, a closet to store supplies including miniature markers and notebooks and tape dispensers with real tape, and even hallway lockers. The required 4 AAA batteries are included.

Easy to set up, our young testers played on a table and on the floor. On the table, they enjoyed examining the parts at eye level and accessing all sides of the classroom, the front of the school, and hallway with student lockers. Floor play allowed everyone to spread out and use four 18″ dolls comfortably.

Throughout the play, the children had wonderful conversations, lots of role playing, taking turns being teachers and students, and commented frequently how much fun they were having. Children’s development will add to the experience and their creative, open-ended play will be different with every session.

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