Ages: 9 - 13Publisher: Bayard Canada Subscription Price: $ 34.95 for Year


Geared to OwlKids’ older audience—tweens and young teens—and shaped around STEM subjects, this magazine, like its publications for younger children, respects its audience with a zippy mix of entertaining and thoughtful features. These are as diverse as a multifaceted look at virtual reality (what it is, how it is used, the gear required, an interview with a VR game developer), a tour of the scientific research ship Amundsen, “Star Wars” “movie magic,” and an introduction to a bat-inspired robot and other “bio bots” inspired by nature. The jam-packed, colorful content draws the eye to well-conceived trivia pages, puzzles, comics, quizzes, contests, and regular reader generated offerings. (A subscription to the magazine now includes a biweekly OWLconnected eMag focusing on current events.)

Lynne Heffley ©2018 Parents’ Choice

A freelance writer and editor for the arts and non-profit organizations, Lynne is a former staff writer for the Los Angeles Times, where she established the paper’s first weekly children’s arts and entertainment beat.