Papaton Shadow Theater

Ages: 3 - 6Manufacturer: Papaton Kids


The Papaton Shadow Theater seamlessly blends a high-tech gadget with low-tech pretend play.

This well-appointed set comes with everything kids need to take center stage to perform, direct, or narrate stories: an illustrated folding screen, phone stand, 12 well-made and sturdy props, and 20 characters. The only thing young thespians will need is a smartphone.  The accompanying free app (both on the App Store and Google Play) contains four classic fairytales (The Three Little PigsLittle Red Riding HoodThe Tortoise and the Hare, and The Lion and the Mouse) for kids to read along and perform. With each selection, the app shows which characters and props will be needed. Launching the app turns on the phone’s flashlight – lighting up the stage for the show to begin. Original music scores add a nice feature to the fairytales, and the different languages offered broaden the appeal.

Our parent testers appreciated that while the app’s stories added a new dimension of play, their kids had just as much fun using the props, making up stories and putting on performances of their own design using a regular flashlight. Pass the popcorn, please.

Created by Papaton Kids. Creative Director Anton Ten and Product Director Anna Ten.


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