Patrika Little Star Cafe

Ages: 6 - 12Producer: Rajasthan Patrika

In a charming throwback to the early days of radio news, the Patrika Little Star Cafe is a free weekday podcast for listeners ages 6 – 12.

Originating in India and delivered in English, each well-paced episode opens with the word for “hello” in a different language: Swahili, Kurdish, Burmese and Danish to name a few. The pleasant presenter occasionally stumbles, humanizing her official standing. Although anonymous, her warm and familiar voice states the podcasts purpose: “Facts that are fast, fun, and keep you happy. Here are today’s matters for chatter.” Listeners learn about fossils of human size penguins, Uber drivers on strike in India, Bansky’s new mural in New York City, and that Japan unveiled a new train.

Clocking in at under five minutes, one episode somehow manages a simple explanation of mergers and acquisition using recent news of Disney and Fox as the example. Another show cites a study about changes in UK teenagers’ job opportunities, changes and benefits, and in what sounds like an almost incredulous reporting of gun violence in the US, the episode raises the possibility of countering anger and fear with meditation and mindfulness.

An online archive is available

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