Peppa Pig Magazine

Ages: 3 and upPublisher: Topix Media Lab


Based on popular episodes of the beloved TV series Peppa Pig, the eponymous magazine’s content is meant to be shared and guided by an adult.

The colorful and seasonally themed issues have activities for learning and play: story-based lessons with positive messages, a pullout double-sided poster, and theme related crafts and games. No matter that readers are already well acquainted with four year-old Peppa ? each issue introduces Peppa, her family and her friends, often sharing a theme related characteristic (Daddy Pig falls asleep in the sun, Grandpa Pig is an avid gardener who gets annoyed with the birds).

The stories can be read again and again, but unless your child uses pencil and a v-e-r-y good eraser, the coloring pages and game activities are a one time only. The few clearly marked advertisements are for other Topix Media publications, and there’s a page inviting “readers” to join and follow Peppa’s social media presence and newsletter. Nevertheless, at $9.99, the special interest screen to print publication is a delightful playful learning treat.

Claire Green ©2019 Parents’ Choice

As president of Parents’ Choice Foundation, Claire applauds toys and media that unleash children’s interests and celebrate the fun of learning.

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