Pet Vet Dream Team

Ages: 13 - 16Producer: Litton Entertainment Rating: TV G - General Audience

TV shows devoted to animals are plentiful. Here, Pet Vet Dream Team focuses on several Australian veterinarians who are serious about medically treating animals in need.

Identical twin sister veterinarians Alison and Audrey Shen drive around Sydney in a mobile vet van ready to help animals. Their first case: Hunter, a “spanador” — spaniel/Labrador mix — dog who has some lumps. Hunter’s owner is near tears with worry that the lumps might be cancer. The two caring doctors take a sample of Hunter’s cells and go out to their mobile lab to analyze them. Good news: It turns out that Hunter will be just fine. It’s just fatty tissue. The owner is relieved. But still Hunter’s got to have surgery to remove the lumps. And while he’s under, the docs find a third lump the must remove. In the end, Hunter is healthy and his owner is happy.

Next up, we see Dr. Kate Adams, a surgeon, working on a crow at the Bondi Vet Hospital. “Like all things, you have to look for what’s lovable about them,” she says, as crows are not the cuddliest of creatures. But she’s sympathetic; the crow was in someone’s backyard being stalked by a cat. Turns out he’s just a baby and will be fine.

Drs. Shen and Adams are compassionate and caring. Half-hour episodes include several different animal cases and a variety of medical issues and treatments. Viewers need to be ready to see needles and operating rooms as pets undergo life-saving and necessary procedures, but the cameras stop short of showing blood. There are always happy and healthy endings for the animals — and their people.


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