Pick Me Up, Piggy!

Ages: 3 and upManufacturer: MindWare


In this memory board game, children help Piggy drive his friends (horse, mouse, cow, and chicken) to town and drop them off where their errands take them – the bookstore, the dentist, the pizza place or the paint store. Each player takes a turn driving an animal friend to a specific building and explaining what that friend will do there. The chicken went to the paint store to choose a color for her new coop. The mouse went to the bank to deposit some cheese. The horse had a BIG toothache and the cow wanted to read a moooving book.

As each explanation is finished, the animal game piece is placed into the building, and hidden from sight. By turn, players choose a driving card with instructions to pick up a specific animal, detour to an orchard and lower the gas gauge, or drive to the gas station and fill the tank. Players must work together to help Piggy remember where to pick up all friends before the truck runs out of gas.

The game includes a wooden truck, game board, 4 town buildings, driving cards, 1 gas gauge, and 4 farm friends/characters. Players supply their best stories for this utterly charming storytelling/memory game that builds language skills, imaginations, and teamwork.

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