Poetic Science of Water

Ages: All Ages - All AgesPublisher: Jumbo Minds, Inc.Author: A.C. LemonwoodIllustrator: David Cowles


Poetic Science of Water by A. C. Lemonwood combines rhymes, scientific information, and visual imagery to teach basic scientific concepts to young children, while also increasing their vocabularies, basic literacy skills, and appreciation of the written word. The book, which is presented in dyslexic-friendly font to increase its readability, consists of one- and two-verse poems on a range of water-related topics and phenomena (evaporation, precipitation, freezing, cloud formation, the importance of water for health of human beings and other creatures), accompanied by full-page images to illustrate each individual poem. The poems themselves are quirky, amusing, and suited for reading aloud. Here, for example is a brief stanza on the formation of the water molecule: “The shape of water’s molecules is famous. Let’s hear cheers! Two hydrogens bond at an angle, just like a Teddy Bear’s ears.” The images provided by illustrator David Cowles are friendly, colorful, and easy for even younger children to comprehend. In addition to the poems that form the main body of the text, the book also contains an expansive glossary of the more than 50 scientific terms included in the poems, along with instructions for age-appropriate, hands-on scientific activities (observing surface tension, conserving water, exploring the different states of matter, understanding the water cycle).


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