Professor Maxwell’s 4D Galaxy

Ages: 8 and upManufacturer: Professor Maxwell's


Professor Maxwell’s 4D Galaxy is a modern take on a science kit. The fun is focused on the AR/VR goggles that bring Professor Maxwell’s playful alternative to the experiments. The 20 activities, ranging from minutes to hours to complete, and noted as enhanced either by AR or VR, include exploring the solar system, gravity, building a compass, forming crystals, eclipses, and planetariums, are all covered in the oversized 50- page instruction manual.

Parents should know: The free app is very large. Our iOS users were able to download the app and set up the goggles in about 10 minutes; our Android users reported much longer set up times. And although the included supplies are plentiful, each experiment requires extra common household items that are neither included, nor listed on the package. Some of our testers’ excitement was thwarted because they didn’t have handy paper clips, baby oil, flour, small rocks, paper plate, tape, string, sports water bottle, vinegar, tin foil, baking soda. So be prepared!

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