Puppy Trek

Ages: 5 - 12Manufacturer: Pebble Smart LLC.


Designed for 2-6 players ages 5+ children (playing as a puppy character) travel along an artistically illustrated game board path as they wind their way home. Along the way, players manage resources, encounter forks in the road and meet different creatures who may pose a question, ask them to make choices (move forward four steps or send another player back 4 steps) and engage in fun mental and physical (stretch and bend 8 times) challenges.

Although reading is required, our testers found Puppy Trek best suited for players ages 5 – 8 who are fans of animals and games that are more friendly than competitive. When reading/hearing the descriptions of the puppies, players leaned about dog breeds and new words (reliable, willful, feisty) to describe them.


Contents include: a game board, 2 dice, 8 puppy play tokens with stands, 36 resource cards, 16 bonus puppy cards, and a rules booklet.


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