Quentin & Alfie’s ABC Adventures

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Shaped with clarity, creativity, and warmth, this is an exceptionally well-crafted educational show with an appealing voice cast. Preschooler Alfie and his babysitter Quentin go for “alphabet adventures” on a magical sidewalk, exploring one letter per day (26 episodes) through letter sounds, words, songs, and interactions with a recurring cast of characters the pair meets along the way. On “A” day, Alfie and Quentin visit an amusement park, snack on apple juice and animal crackers, and meet new friends, including musical Mixie, who plays her accordion and teaches Alfie a song filled with “A” words. (Mixie returns in other episodes for more letter-focused, tuneful, sing-along sessions.) For “C,” Alfie and Quentin bake cupcakes at a bakery and help Mr. Parcel the deliveryman, who needs to pick up a birthday cake, but can’t remember the “A” name of the recipient. Throughout the show’s season, the magical sidewalk takes the pair to destinations near and far (to Australia for the letter “K,” to the Arctic for the letter “I,” to a farm, a ranch, a trampoline park, etc.).  “X,” by the way, is handled with words that contain the “ks” sound (explore, six, exciting,) during a trip to a tropical island where “X” marks the spot on a treasure map. Quentin is a thoughtful and encouraging guide; Alfie is a bubbly stand-in for young listeners as he learns the letter sounds and expands his vocabulary with an irresistible sense of discovery.  Produced and developed by Anne Richards; written by Richards and Marc Cantone.


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