Raddish Kids

Ages: 4 - 14Manufacturer: Raddish


Raddish Kids kits open minds, expand palates, practice math and reading, and experiment with physics and chemistry. And yes, the kids will learn how to cook.

Each kit includes three laminated in-depth illustrated recipe guides, culinary skill tutorials, fast and fun facts as well as an apron, a badge, a quality right-sized cooking tool, a shopping list (print and digital), an activity, “table talk” conversation cards and online extras including themed playlists, a lesson plan, grocery games, bonus recipes, and dietary substitutions. Beginning at $24/month for a single kit, costs decrease with prepaid subscriptions. Sibling materials can be added for an additional $5 / month.

Our parent testers ranged from the food obsessed to the kitchen oppressed. The children morphed from casual observers to eager participants, grocery shoppers, and captivated learners. With shopping lists in hand (not all ingredients are home staples), our testers scoured the store to find the needed provisions. They asked questions, read the aisle contents out loud, and wanted to be the first to complete the treasure hunt.

Once back in the kitchen, the learning kicked up a notch. For example, from the “Taste of Thailand” box, testers learned that the orchid is the official flower and that Thailand boasts over 15,000 species, how to greet someone in Thai (did you know men and women say “hello” differently?!), and about Thai herbs and spices, like lemongrass, Thai basil, galangal, and Kaffir lime. The Cosmic Cuisine box was out of this world from recipes for Meteor Meatballs and Galactic Pancakes to facts about space rocks, solar system science, and lunar phases.  Not only were out young chefs proud of their culinary achievements, they ate things they never would have dreamed of eating if they hadn’t been part of the process. Each box is a pantry of fun and learning.

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