Rainshower Bath Ball

Ages: 1 and upManufacturer: Sassy


The colorful-chunky-bumpy-spinning-dripping Rainshower Bath Ball is all about being dunked, lifted, splashed and touched. Bathers both enthusiastic and reluctant were delighted. Their parents were pleased that the ball easily separated into two halves for easy cleaning and drying.

And although the package has a prominent STEM graphic, the manufacturer points out that while babies may not perform traditional experiments or solve mathematical equations, their STEM curriculum is rooted in curiosity and play.  Bravo, Sassy. We couldn’t agree more.


Claire Green ©2020 Parents’ Choice

Claire is president of Parents’ Choice Foundation and serves as a judge on several national toy and music award committees. She champions toys, books, and media that offer children new perspectives and playful adventures in learning.

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