Ranger Rick Cub

Ages: 1 - 4Publisher: National Wildlife Federation Subscription Price: $ 24.95 for One Year / 6 Issues

Little hands should do many things. Among them is turning the just-my-size- pages of this “first look at animals” magazine.

Perfectly suited to sitting on a favorite grownup’s lap for read aloud time, there’s much to see and learn. Each animal makes his/her debut via high quality photographs and simple sentences expand the introductions. Travis the very colorful treefrog is tiny; he can hide behind a leaf. His toes are big and sticky. He doesn’t hop like other frogs, he crawls. Prompts for grownups help children understand how the animal moves, what it looks like, or how it plays. Can you hop? Can you crawl? Zoey the Zebra has black and white stripes; what else is black and white? And Franny the Fox likes to play with her two sisters. Do you have a sister?

In the delightful Hello Baby section, animals take us through the alphabet. There are matching and counting games, and seek and find, too. An illustrated story adds additional charm to the mix. Printed on heavy stock, this impeccable introduction to animals is designed for repeat visits.


Claire Green ©2020 Parents’ Choice

Claire is president of Parents’ Choice Foundation and serves as a judge on several national toy and music award committees. She champions toys, books, and media that offer children new perspectives and playful adventures in learning.

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