Ranger Rick Jr.

Ages: 4 - 7Publisher: National Wildlife Federation Subscription Price: $ 24.95 for Year


Ranger Rick Jr. is the National Wildlife Federation’s nature magazine for ages 4-7.

Animal lovers, and especially young children, are curious about their four legged and feathered friends. How do different animals move? What’s the difference between horns and antlers? What’s the scoop on bills? (that question cracked up our young readers). Each issue has 12 sections; some are regular features including What’s That?, an introduction to an animal, bird or aquatic creature not yet met; That’s Wild! is a double-page photo spread with six “wild” conversation wowing facts (a lobster’s teeth are in its stomach) and Ever Wonder? Is a page with an illustrated animal, definition and an information nugget from Ricky. Other sections include a fictional story and issue specific fun (8 Reasons to Love and Octopus). Readers can always count on seeing The Adventures of Bonnie & Chester comic strip, as well as Ricky’s Pals and his mail page that publishes select drawings from readers.

This well-designed, much beloved magazine teaches children about animals and employs the creatures in activities constructed to hone beginning reading skills including letter recognition, vocabulary and forging connections between words and images. The photography is captivating, the illustrations are realistic and appealing; all images are accompanied by age appropriate text. Page turners, independent or guided, will delight in the animal-themed games, activities including a craft or recipe, and a pullout poster. The few advertisements are for other National Wildlife Federation publications.

Claire Green ©2019 Parents’ Choice

As president of Parents’ Choice Foundation, Claire applauds toys and media that unleash children’s interests and celebrate the fun of learning.

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