Rat-a-Tat Roll™

Ages: 6 and upManufacturer: Gamewright


Rat-a-Tat Roll is an easy-to-learn fun-to-play quick dice game in which players move around the whimsically illustrated board trying to collect cats (the low cards) while avoiding rats (the high cards). The winner is the one with the lowest total.

On each turn, the player decides how far she/he wants the Catue of Liberty game piece to travel around the board. Then, the player chooses to roll one, two, or three dice to hit that mark. Was choice of dice a bad call? Then either use a reroll token or take your chances with the move. Each space has an action which may or may not be helpful.

Although strategy is absent, fun is present; our testers enjoyed seeing their fate controlled by the roll of the dice. As one fun-loving parent imitating Anthony Banderas in Puss in Boots said, “You’re not stealing lollipops anymore, Humpty. This is getting serious.”

Designed for 2-5 players, ages 6+. Game contents include 45 cards, 15 re-roll tokens, 3 number dice and 1 wild die, 1 Catue of Liberty game piece and the game board.

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