Ready, Set, Pet

Ages: 13 - 16Manufacturer: Litton Entertainment

In another twist on reality-show pet sagas, Ready, Set, Pet focuses on finding homes for pets and making sure that the environment is ready for the new addition to the family.

Host Phil Torres takes viewers through the process from start to finish. He first works to help the family consider their needs carefully. In one episode, for example, he asked whether Dawn and her two kids wanted a cuddly dog? An energetic dog? A non-shed dog? All these aspects of a dog’s personality and physicality need to be considered as a family starts the adoption procedure.

It’s instructive and heartwarming to watch Phil guide the prospective pet owners through making a good decision and not just picking a cute one or a small one, but a pet that will fit in well the members of the household. Once they decide that Maggie, a black, medium-sized dog, will be just right for them, Phil works to make sure the backyard is decked out with furniture and a new garden – all designed to help make it a dog-friendly, comfortable place.

Responsible pet ownership and the need for an appropriate green space for a pet are key takeaway themes – and important ones – for viewers of all ages as each show follows a family through the steps of pet adoption. Informative and entertaining, Ready, Set, Pet may help your family find and follow the best path for welcoming a new pet into your home.


Ann Oldenburg ©2018 Parents’ Choice

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