Real Teacher Game

Ages: 3 and upManufacturer: Janod


The Janod Real Teacher Game set is centered around four  26″ high life-sized stand-up figures. The classmates are made of sturdy cardboard and beautifully illustrated on front and back, giving an added perspective. From the attendance book to the lunch trays, this set is packed with more than 200 accessories to design and equip a classroom.

Our young testers jumped right into the role of teacher. If you could have been a fly on the wall you would have learned the students names (Henrick, Latchmie, Emma and Colin), heard the teacher remind them to use their manners while waiting in line, and telling them: “Today, we’ll be learning about all the animals in the wildness.” (no, that’s not a typo.) We saw individual and group play, observed how the teacher presented letters and numbers, and learned what makes a balanced meal. There was show and tell and watching the clock for juice breaks and naps. This abundant set delivers a bounty of playful learning.


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