Real Working’ Buddies Mr. Banks

Ages: 3 and upManufacturer: Jakks Pacific, Inc.

Billed as a child’s own “personal A.T.M. – Armored Truck Machine,” this interactive, talking bank is a fun introduction to saving money, and a sneaky way to get in a math lesson and clean under the sofa cushions.

By dropping coins in the slot, Mr. Banks counts, sorts, and stacks change all while giving a digital running tally. He’s also happy to take paper money, but depositors will have to key in the amount. Just insert it in his motorized mouth and he’ll “eat” it all while making funny chewing noises. The keypad keeps track of deposits and withdrawals.

Although neither designed nor promoted as building financial literacy skills, the “bank safe” feature on the back of the truck may help introduce the concept of saving.

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