Remy’s Place

Ages: 4 - 8Producer: Panoply Media


Created and produced by two musical dads, composer Michael Rubin and singer-songwriter Richard Julian, the podcast Remy’s Place uses story as a springboard to showcase some of New York City’s finest – jazz musicians and performers that is: Norah Jones, Tony Scherr, Tony Mason, Henry Butler, Matthew Munesteri, No? Socha, Kenny Wollesen, and Roy Nathanson to name a few.


Young Remy lives with his mom and dad above (you guessed it) Remy’s Place, a bustling and welcoming music caf? his parents named after him. There’s humor, wordplay, similarities and differences, brought to life via talented voicework that styles distinct personalities of cooks, musicians, and neighbors and serves them to ears of all ages. Amplifying the feel of a busy city caf?, are the sounds both well deigned and well placed.


Remy—kind, curious and sometimes (age-appropriately) whiny—learns about his world, recording and collecting voices and sounds along the way. Each episode features a song derived from Remy’s daily happenings such as making friends, wanting attention from busy grownups, learning about diversity through dumplings, and watching baby pigeons take their first flight. The songs are sophisticated, flush with skilled performance, beautifully rendered and anything but childish.


Available via the Pinna app on iTunes or Google Play, subscriptions are $7.99 per month or $79 per year.

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