Rigamajig Junior Kit

Ages: 5 and upManufacturer: Heroes Will Rise

Rigamajig Junior is a 157-piece heirloom quality building set for families, neighbors or classmates.

The lightweight wooden pieces are sturdy yet easily manipulated by small hands. The interesting variety of shapes, sizes, and materials allows for countless hours of building. There are 26 solid ½” birchwood planks ranging from 6-22″ long, 8 arcs, 4 wheels, 4 hooks and an additional 16 wooden shapes. Each piece of wood has 1-6 holes in which the child can attach brackets (15), bolts (40), a pulley (1) or rope (3 pieces) and hex nuts (40). And the three canvas bags make toting and storing a pleasure.

At three years, our youngest testers played with the set for about 20 minutes at a time, an appropriate time length for their age. The older children played for about an hour at a time, not at all happy to have to stop.

An investment in Rigamajig is an investment in learning. The creativity, problem solving, sustained attention, collaboration and cooperation skills built by this set, deliver a big ROI from play.

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