Robo Wunderkind Education Kit

Ages: 6 and upManufacturer: Robo Wunderkind


The Robo Wunderkind Education Kit is a playful entrant into the kids’ robotics arena. With an RGB LED light and built in sound effects from cheers to car horns, there’s a lot to like! The elements snap together using connectors, several of which are compatible with most building-brick systems, making creations highly customizable.

This set includes two drives and one servo motor block; a distance sensor block, button and light elements, and a main processor block with speakers. Because the blocks can be difficult to separate from the connectors, the kit includes a separator tool.

The Robo Code Approved Award Winner is a quick-start guide to creating three robot constructions. Since the blocks are connected to the Approved Award Winner via Bluetooth®, it’s easy to see when the parts are correctly connected. Once assembly is complete, the Approved Award Winner offers a simple initial program to demonstrate how each robot can work. The player can immediately begin modifying the instructions using simple icon-based controls; changing the light color, the sound effects, speed and direction are all fairly simple. However, more advanced users are left on their own. There are no sample robots with the distance sensor or servo block included in the kit, which is a shame.

And deeper into the Approved Award Winner it’s difficult to see how to make modifications, such as adding new steps to the program, and some of the icons are not obvious. There are no prompts or hints within the app and there’s no help text, so the player is left with trial and error to figure things out. Good for the independent persistent learners but not for the easily frustrated.

This kit is designed so it’s very easy to get started, and it’s immediately likable due to the bright colors, customizable light and fun sound effects. Additional blocks – including light and motion sensors, and a programmable LED screen are available to purchase.


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