Robot Factory Domino

Ages: 4 and upManufacturer: Hape International Inc.


This 122-piece colorful domino set captured the hearts, hands, and minds of our young testers.

Our young Rube Goldbergs were fascinated by how the choice of elements (ramps, balls, trebuchet, car, and wooden domino pieces) and their placement affected the speed and accuracy of the course design. Their parents applauded the playful lessons of cause and effect, inertia, and the power of potential energy—and did their best not to “help” too much.

One particularly forward-thinking test group used the covered surface of a large air hockey table so they could experiment with different configurations without worrying about losing rolling or flying parts. Parents experienced with Ikea assembly were found the wordless instruction sheet familiar; the illustrated track design provided a good starting point for the initial set up.

And from there, they were off to the races.


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