Ages: 7 and upManufacturer: IGG


Roll-Low, a Yahtzee-like game, is played with six dice (or seven, for the similar and included Roll-Low Challenge game). Players keep track on a scorecard of how many rolls of the dice it takes to achieve each of a dozen combinations requiring up to five dice: three-of-a-kind for each dot value, five odd dice, five even dice, low and high straights, a triple-double (full house), and “Roll-Low” (a five-of-a-kind with a bonus for rolling all 1’s). The goal is to finish the game in as few rolls as possible. Every combination MUST be achieved, no matter how many rolls it takes — and there’s only one chance for a redo. And when every roll of the die is cast, there’s still one more step: your opponents issue a challenge to get three-of-a-kind of whatever number they pick, which can make or break a winning game.

The directions encourage playing with variations that reward players for rolling more than three of the same on a three-of-a-kind or rolling a 1 as the extra die in a five-dice combination. Roll-Low lends itself readily to flexible rules, so families should feel free to turn this into the game that works for them. The alternate Challenge game helps to keep the game fresh, and surprisingly we found in play that it’s much harder to immediately see combinations with the extra die thrown in.


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