Roly Poly

Ages: 4 - 8Publisher: Simon & Schuster Author: Mem FoxIllustrator: Jane Dyer


The only thing cuter than a fuzzy white polar bear named Roly Poly is his new little brother named Monty. But Roly Poly doesn’t think there’s anything cute about this new addition to the family. It’s certainly not something he ever “asked for” and he doesn’t think he’ll ever “adore” him, as his mother suggests will someday happen.

When Monty tumbles on Roly Poly, the big brother gets up and storms off. “I never asked for a little brother, and I don’t want one now!”

Although Monty follows Roly Poly everywhere, the big brother isn’t warming up. Until one day when the two are fishing and Monty finds himself floating away on an iceberg. Spoiler alert! Roly Poly leaps into the icy sea to save him.

The book, by author Mem Fox and illustrator Jane Dyer is charming. The simple words impart classic sibling rivalry wisdom that might just come in handy for any child welcoming a new baby into the home. I particularly appreciated a note at the front that explains the little polar bears were made by the illustrator using a technique called “needle felting.” Once sculpted, the bears were posted for scenes in the book and then photographed.

Ann Oldenburg ©2019 Parents’ Choice

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