Rosie Revere and the Raucous Riveters

Ages: 6 - 9Producer: Dreamscape Media LLC


Grade-school-aged engineer, Rosie Revere, and her pals, architect Iggy Peck and scientist Ada Twist, are always up for a challenge. Together, the three “Questioneers” use their skills and imaginations to invent colorful gadgets and gizmos to help their friends solve problems and fulfill their dreams. In Book 1 of Andrea Beaty’s new audio series, Rosie Revere and the Raucous Riveters: The Questioneers, Rosie’s great-great-aunt Rose and the other women of the Blue River Riveters ask Rosie to invent a machine that will allow their friend June, an elderly painter who has broken both of her wrists in a motor-scooter accident, to compete in the local Art-a-Go-Go Contest. With the event only two days away, Rosie, Iggy, and Ada work frantically to construct the Paintapolooza, an outrageous contraption of pumps, hoses, and valves that squirts paint onto brushes, enabling June to paint with her arms without using her hands. With some last-minute assistance from a mysterious neighbor, the machine finally comes to life, and June is able to paint again.

In addition to kindling young readers’ interests in science, architecture, and engineering, The Questioneers also provides lessons about the value of cooperation, the importance of perseverance in achieving one’s goals, the risks of judging others based on our first impressions, the nature of family, and the true meaning of success. The audiobook features a bright, enthusiastic reading by voice artist Rachel L. Jacobs, a lively musical accompaniment, and an ample smattering of humorous sound effects (bangs, beeps, gurgles, burps, and tweets) along the way.

David Shirley ©2019 Parents’ Choice


David Shirley’s recent nonfiction titles include A History of Brooklyn Bridge Park and Fix It Leroy! His YA biographies, Every Day I Sing the Blues: The Story of B. B. King and Satchel Paige: Baseball Legend were honored as the New York Public Library’s Best Books for Teens.

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