Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ages: 6 - 9Publisher: Abrams Books for Young Readers Author: Jonah WinterIllustrator: Stacy Innerst


In the early pages of this affectionate and compelling biographical narrative by noted non-fiction picture book author Jonah Winter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg—the tiny, octogenarian Supreme Court Justice whose unlikely rise to viral pop icon status sparked the 2015 book, “Notorious RBG” and the 2018 documentary, “RBG”—is a little girl in 1930s Brooklyn. Subtitled “The Case of R.B.G. vs. Inequality,” Winter’s book chronicles what shaped Ginsburg’s lifelong fight for gender equality: societal expectations and Ginsburg’s own determined strength in overcoming overtly unfair treatment as one of a minority of women at both her university and in law school, and beyond. Deftly avoiding a polemical stance, Winter allows young readers to connect with Ginsburg as a real person (in high school, her interests included baton twirling at football games, resulting in a chipped tooth), and to assess the “evidence” of her experiences that would lead her to the highest court in the land. Illustrator Stacy Innerst, using gouache, ink, and Photoshop, adds layers to story and mood through an atmospheric color palette and expressive detail.

Lynne Heffley ©2018 Parents’ Choice


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