Scoop Magazine

Ages: 7 - 12Publisher: Curious Publishing Subscription Price: $ 48 for One Year / 6 Issues

Scoop is a literature and arts magazine geared toward children who are enthusiastic and omnivorous readers. Each thematic issue, such as art or Africa, offers a rich collection of fiction, poetry, artwork, and nonfiction addressing the theme from varied angles. Each piece is coded with a marked tab on the right-hand side so that children who prefer non-fiction can easily flip through and identify those articles, while those who love poetry can find the pieces they like. Each issue also contains a few activities; for example, the art issue featured a recipe for an ear-shaped pastry, together with background information about an artist who makes art using pastry. Easier activities for younger children, such as making a home art gallery, are also included in each issue. Guest editors (illustrator David Roberts, writer Sylvia Arthur, explorer Ben Fogle, et al) give readers a glimpse into their lives. The magazine also highlights contributions from child readers, including poems, book reviews, interviews with children who live in different nations, and with a youth editor of the issue. The cover illustrations are sophisticated and appealing.

Scoop magazine’s strength is the range of reading it offers; each ~60-page issue contains several articles within each genre. The literature is more of a focus than the artwork, but the art is also varied, and highlights several styles of illustration as well as photography. Some articles, such as a nonfiction piece on the animals of Chernobyl in the “Wild” issue, are fascinating, thought-provoking short reads while others, even within the same issue can be less compelling. Despite this, Scoop’s design and content has a lot of wonderful material to offer kids who love literature and art.


Naomi Lesley ©2020 Parents’ Choice

Naomi Lesley taught middle and high school English for six years. She is currently in a doctoral program at the George Washington University, focusing on American young adult literature.



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