Scout’s Get Up & Go Walker?

Ages: 0 - 3Manufacturer: Leapfrog Enterprises, Inc

Made for ages 3 – 36 months, this 3-in-1 baby gym, activity panel and walker grows with your child. Transforming from one stage to the next with ease, the Activity Panel rotates downward, so babies can watch the lights on the panel and grab for the dangling toys. When little ones are ready for the next stage, the Activity Panel detaches and can be played with on the floor or in mom or dad’s lap. When kids are ready to start walking, the Activity Panel goes back on and is ready for first steps.

The panel features three modes of play (and two different volume choices), music, learning games and get active. Also find fun activities such as, light-up piano keys, a phone, peek-a-boo door, book page, bead spinner, high-five paw, and more.

Our parent testers appreciated that the wheels on the walker base have two different speed options and deemed it is a feature that’s both safe and smart.

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