Seaside Cottage Outdoor Playhouse

Ages: 3 and upManufacturer: KidKraft

This costal cottage playset has a lot to offer: the kitchenette has a little sink and stove top with movable knobs, with flame stickers that show the burners getting hotter as the knobs are turned. There’s a working weather vane, multiple windows on all sides, real flower boxes, a working doorbell, and a beach-inspired scalloped roof. In addition, the cottage contains two clocks with moveable hands, a phone, and two double-sided chalkboards. With a café-style canopy over an open serving window and bench, our testers loved taking orders and serving their “customers.”

Our parent testers reported a 3-4 hour assembly with two adults working together. The instructions are clear and easy to follow; all the needed hardware is included. Just make sure to have an electric drill on hand. Made of real wood with plastic finishes, the house is sturdy and spacious, (59.5″ x 51.6″ x 79″) inviting imaginative play for years to come.

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