Shape Book + Musical Shapes

Ages: 1 and upManufacturer: Manhattan Toy


Manhattan Toy’s Shape Book + Musical Shapes is a beautifully designed set that includes a 10-page board book and four wooden musical instrument/toys that echo the book’s lessons.


By introducing the names of the shapes through rhyming text and colorful modern illustrations, the Shape Book decodes objects that make up our world. For example, triangles are used to represent the roof of a house, the picnic blanket design is squares, and circles signify a bunch of grapes. The wooden shapes help toddlers grasp the concepts; pun fully intended. Which shapes do you see on the Maraca? Oh, is that a face? Are there more circles in the eyes?


Claire Green ©2019 Parents’ Choice


Claire is president of Parents’ Choice Foundation and serves as a judge on several national toy and music award committees. She champions toys, books, and media that offer children new perspectives and playful adventures in learning.

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