Ages: 0 - 8Producer: Bart McKayArtist: Sylvia Chave

In Sylvia Chave’s third children’s album Shine, the thirteen new happy songs are tailor-made for preschoolers to dance. Highlights include, the two-stepping song of individuality “You Are You,” the jazzy swing sentiments of the mosquito eating “Dragonfly,” the ukulele-powered “Hey Mama”, and the infectious “Nursery Rhyme Boogie” which reframes several favorite fairytales into a fun boogie-woogie framework. Chave has a strong, friendly voice, using classic jazz inflections as popularized by roots artists such as the Andrew Sisters and Anita O’Day, along with the rhythmic use of repeated phrases also found in the genre. She is backed by a small group of fine musicians and some very good child vocalists. Although occasional use of programming instead of organic instruments tends to distract, when Chave and company stick to the more traditional elements, as in  the cello-backed “I Love My O’Canada,” and the piano jazz swing of “Tick Tock,” the music rings true.


Lahri Bond ©2020 Parents’ Choice

Lahri Bond is a father, a writer, music historian and an art professor in Western Massachusetts. His published books include Spinning Tales Weaving Hope (with the Stories For World Change Network) for New Society Press and People of the Earth (coauthored with Ellen Evert Hopman) for Destiny Books.

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