Sky Track Play 44Pc Set

Ages: 3 and upManufacturer: MAGFORMERS

The bright and colorful 44-piece Sky Track Play Set is a magnetic track building set with a battery-operated space shuttle, a rover-styled vehicle, track sections and track accessories including a rocket hoist and a piece that spins the rocket 360 degrees. The instruction booklet shows 11 different track-building ideas to add loops, twists and turns.

Color-coded pieces ensure easy assembly and the Magformers’ technology makes it a snap to swap pieces. Just be sure to have a very small screwdriver on hand for the battery compartment. Our testers were over the moon as they built, rebuilt and played through the instruction booklet. They used the “rover” at the end to pick up and transport the space shuttle. Although not required to enjoy this set, our young astronauts incorporated other Magformer pieces to expand their universe.


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