Ages: 8 and upManufacturer: NSI INERNATIONAL, INC.

The Smithsonian Planetarium Projector is a portable projector that includes three View Master-like discs, each with eight images including planets within our solar system, the sun, different vehicles used in space, an astronaut, and famous space phenomenon such as crab nebula and Omega Centauri. The projector includes a focus knob; the rotating starfield background is a great touch, on its own or as an added dimension to the other images.

The projector is made from sturdy plastic and assembly takes about a minute. Although not included, the three AA batteries were very easy to install. The three image discs are stowed within the projector, making clean up and storage a breeze.

Our testers used the projector in place and walking around the room pretending to fly the astronaut through space. They enjoyed learning about the images as mom or dad read the black and white pamphlet by flashlight.

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