Speak & Spell

Ages: 7 and upManufacturer: Basic Fun


Retro tech is having a moment. With record players, Nintendo Game Boys, and iPods all being sought after gadgets, we like to add the updated 80’s classic Speak & Spell to the list.

Identical in design to the original (the voice got an upgrade), game play and learning involves a computerized voice asking the player to use the keyboard on the front of the device to spell certain words and complete puzzles such as, secret code and mystery word. The keyboard is alphabetical (not the standard QWERTY design) and our kid testers (raised with QWERTY devices) found it challenging to find the letters to spell the words that were being spoken to them. Our parent testers noted that while great for the nostalgia trend, children who’ve become accustomed to navigating more advanced products like smartphones and tablets, may not be as readily smitten.

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