Ages: 10 and upManufacturer: Gamewright


Splurt! is a fast-paced word game ideal for both small and large groups of players. The deck of 100 double-sided cards includes a prompt on one side of each card (“Something found in a mall,” “An author’s name,” “A historic event,” etc.) and a letter of the alphabet on the other with how to use the letter (“Beginning with,” “Ending with,” “Containing,” or “Not containing”) or some similar letter-based instruction. The cards are shuffled and a combination turns up — “A color containing only three letters” or “Something in a suitcase beginning with C” — and the player who is fastest to blurt out an appropriate answer (“Red” or “Coat” respectively) wins the letter card. A game can be played to as few or as many cards as desired — the instructions suggest 20 to 40, but we found 20 cards went almost too quickly — and the winner is the player with the most cards at the end.

The game takes only seconds to learn and gets hilarious quickly — cash in a suitcase? Cannoli, if you’re in the mafia? Best enjoyed with well-matched players of all ages, but it’s easy to switch to team-based play to balance out mismatches. Games can be very quick if the combinations are obvious and the card stack is small; they run a little longer when the combinations are trickier or lead to debate. (“A cartoon character beginning with X” — does Professor X of the X-Men count as a cartoon character or merely a comics character? Discuss.) Impossible combinations do arise, and when that occurs, one of the offending cards is moved to the bottom of the stack and the next combination revealed.

Splurt! is a great party game, even when the party-goers are a “stay at home” family looking for something new to play.


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