Spyrosity- Explore

Ages: 5 and upManufacturer: Imagimake

This clever kit adds another dimension to craft time. Although around for centuries, quilling (the art of coiling paper, then shaping and arranging the coils into intricate 3D art) is having a bit of a renaissance.

In this tester-proclaimed “easy to set up and begin” strips of paper are secured to the motorized “Spyro-Station” and with the push of the button, the hooks begin wrapping the colorful paper strips into tight coils. Crafters then attach the coils to one of 25 colorful cards to create 3D illustrations such as, birds in a tree, an astronaut on the moon, an ice cream cone, and more. Or as the instructions encouraged, “go rogue!” and use your imagination. Refill packs of paper strips are available, and according to our testers, most likely needed!

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