STEM Discovery Boxes

Ages: 7 - 12Manufacturer: STEM Discovery Boxes Subscription Price: $ 24.95 per Month


STEM Discovery Boxes are kits for kids ages 7 to 12 with age appropriate science related projects about, you guessed it, areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Each box guides 3-4 hands-on projects designed to demonstrate the how and why; oversized cards list the projects contained and a list of project materials (included) to complete them. Each project has step by step instructions. Some project cards offer a “what’s happening” explanation.
Rather than a specifically themed box, each month’s box offers a variety of projects. For example, a motorized draw-bot, a geode, a nesting bubbles activity and beads that represent “code” to create a name necklace are in one box. Another has a neon-style lamp, color changing jelly worms, erupting snow and a one breath 6-foot air rocket. Our testers found the included materials a plus, and the project variety a fun way to satisfy different interests.
Subscription cancellation and refund policy are friendly and clearly stated on the website.

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