Story Time Chess

Ages: 3 - 7Manufacturer: Story Time Chess


This cheerfully illustrated game uses whimsical stories and daffy characters to teach kids the in’s and out’s of chess.

With three levels of play, the game includes a full set of chess pieces, character cutouts, playing cards, a two-sided game board –one to learn with the Story Time version and the other for playing the classic version –  and oversized guide with story-driven instructions.

The clever tales are woven with explanations of the how’s and why’s of each piece’s movements on the board; story characters are placed on the chess pieces for easy identification. Following each story, players conduct exercises to test their knowledge and hone their skills getting them ready for the next level of play. Set up like a traditional board game, kids take turns drawing cards that direct them to complete tasks that range from the simple, “Move your king twice”, to the silly, “Move a pawn two times and then make a noise like a race car”, but all moves must be made using the rules of traditional chess.  After mastering their new Story Book skills, players can remove the characters, flip the board and play on a classic chess gameboard.

The pieces are large and sturdy (perfect for little hands), the game play is fun, and the stories unexpected and memorable. Our parent testers had just as much fun as their kids as this game CAN teach an old dog new tricks.


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