Sushi Roll

Ages: 8 and upManufacturer: Gamewright


In true Gamewright fashion, they added dice to a favorite card game making it all the more piquant. True to the fun and fast paced original, players load up their conveyor belts (sushi conveyor belts are a real thing, BTW) with savory sushi dice – choose one and pass the remaining to the next player.

Up to 8 sushi masters can join the fray, er feast, where the goal is to snatch the best pieces and rack up points for collecting the most maki, a sashimi portfolio, or special tempura/sushi combinations. Menu tokens let you re-roll your dice and chopstick token let you swap dice with an opponent. A little wasabi goes a long way and triples the value of the nigiri. And don’t forget the pudding! If you do, points disappear.

The game includes 5 trays (game boards), 5 conveyor belts, 1 bag of 30 dice, 40 scoring tokens, 20 pudding tokens, 18 menu tokens, 12 chopsticks tokens, and rules.

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