Take-a-look Picture Book (series)

Ages: 1 and upAuthor: Bright Junior MediaIllustrator: Agnieszka Malarczyk


Lovely to look at and fun to explore, each set of 12 large, double-sided cards introduces toddlers to concepts and happenings in a 24-hour day and during the 12 months of a year.

Toddlers 15 months and up begin exploring “My Day” with a colorful card which features an illustration of a young child waking up. Parents can use the visual prompts to begin building vocabulary – the sun is shining, there’s a ball on the rug, a plant on the bottom shelf and a dinosaur on the top. The cards and learning games proceed throughout the day. On the final card “Time to Sleep” the child is tucked into bed with eyes closed, the moon and stars are out, there’s a nightstand with a lamp, slippers on the rug, and the dinosaur and lamp are on the same shelf. Plenty of things to point to and talk about.

And for those 18 months and beyond, the cards engage young learners with words to describe what happens during each season from smelling flowers and running across a meadow to wearing winter clothes and decorating a Christmas tree.

Bound a sturdy plastic ring, the colorful and simple illustrations put vocabulary lessons in the palm of little hands. The included guide helps parents learn more too!

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