Tangiplay Coding Kit

Ages: 4 - 12Manufacturer: Tangiplay


Tangiplay is a physical/digital toy designed to help children ages 4 and up learn early coding concepts. The 12 brightly colored robot figures (aka coding blocks) which interact with iPad or Android tablets, are identified by the three touch points on the bottom, which conduct human static electricity to the screen. A variety of interchangeable magnetic expressive eye pieces snap on to the “face” of the robot. To log on to the app, you will need the QR code and serial key located on the bottom of the storage box.

The app’s top-down perspective on building railroad tracks for a little train using simple block coding is charming and encourages kids to learn basic logic principles such as sequencing (with the 4 blue pieces), loops (2 green pieces), conditions (3 purple), and functions performed with the 2 yellow pieces. The red ‘bot initiates play or pause.

Over the course of more than 120 puzzles kids will tap, slide, rotate and exchange the robots to avoid obstacles, recharge, and transport passengers while smoothly moving the train to its destination.

The skilled designers have created an appealing text-free interface, which makes it easy to get started. The only downside is that there isn’t a help system built in to scaffold the more difficult concepts, but we’re told that a help section, as well as more content, will be available at the end of June. Overall, this is a well thought out toy providing plenty of quality educational play.


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